Vacherin Mont D'Or

During the dark winter months we sell Vacherin Mont d'Or, a seasonal winter cheese, made only by 11 producers in France and Switzerland.

It is made from the milk from cows which are brought down from the high summer pastures for the winter, and is only made between August and March.

At our cheese counter we sell a diverse range of cow, goat and sheep's milk cheeses, which we cut to your requirements.

Many are certified organic and most are made with non-animal rennet, and where animal rennet is used this is clearly marked.

Some of our customer's favourites include:

Montgomery Cheddar, made with unpasturised milk and matured 9-12 months. 

Ribblesdale sheep’s cheeses from the Yorkshire dales.

Green’s organic Cheddar Cheese.

Authentic  organic Parmiggiano Reggiano, which we import ourselves.

Wigmore sheep’s cheese.

The superb Irish Cashel Blue Cheese.

We also sell fresh goats’ milk and, subject to seasonal availability, frozen sheep’s milk.

Come and compare our prices! You will find our prices very competitive with other retailers.